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CHC's excellence in the new energy industry is embodied in the Beijing Solar Energy Institute Group Co., Ltd., the earliest and biggest professional solar energy research and development entity and new-energy products manufacturer in China. And it's also the support unit of the National New-Energy Engineering and Technology Research Center and the Beijing Solar Photovoltaic Development Center. Its brand “Sanpu”is a famous trademark at home and abroad.

The Group's subordinate Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Has exploited the domestic non-agricultural lands, like saline-alkali soil and flood land, to plant biomass raw materials which can be used to manufacture such energy-conservation and emission-reduction materials as biomass particles, energy blocks, biomass building materials and biomass fuel oil.

In terms of the traditional energy field,the Group possesses the operation qualification for coal and specialty oil products, specializing in the domestic and foreign trade as for the domestic coal products like steam coal, thermal coal and coking coal. In addition, CHC still devotes itself to such businesses as oil and gas trade development, oil refinery upgrading and oil equipment manufacturing.

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