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Founded in 1994, headquartered in Beijing, China NationalHuachen Energy Holdings Group Co., Ltd. (CHC for short) is a diversified corporation group with five principal business operationscovering international trade and engineering, energy exploitation andmanagement, Service Trade and Supporting,Real Estate Investment andConstruction,Culture Media and Education.The Group is the dominantstockholder of three companies, that is, China National Huachen EnergyGroup Co., Ltd, China Energy Huachen Project Engineering GroupCo., Ltd and Beijing Solar Energy Research Institute Group Co., Ltd and directly manages four companies, namely Hong Kong Haotian Huachen International Group Co., Ltd, China Huachen Energy Investment Co.,Ltd , China Huachen Energy Technology Co., Ltd and Beijing ZhongfujiaTechnology and Scince Co.,Ltd, as well as branches or representative offices in Cuba, Germany, South Africa, Canada, Brazil, Russia, America, Australiaand Sri Lanka, etc. Altogether, CHC holds 30 subsidiary companies


Business involves many countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, USA, South America and the Caribbean, Australia etc. and the finished projects and co-operation enjoy a good reputation and recognition from the project owners and customers.


China National Huachen Energy Group possesses extensive information acquisition channels and efficient management team, long-term and stable strategic partnership and good financing capacity. Looking forward to the future, China National Huachen Energy Group will continue to develop innovatively, proactively, and create more brilliant future in new industry investment and international economy and trade development!

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